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EZ RPG is a selection of tools that makes it easy to set up your own role-playing game in Unity. This software is an asset pack that makes it easy to set up your own role-playing game. It includes the basic tools necessary to make quests, equip items, gain experience rewards in different skills and more. 

This software also makes it possible to quickly and easily create persistent worlds in your game and it manages saving and loading games for you. It only takes a matter of minutes to set up a new quest, skill or set of items.

Software information

Developed with Unity personal (free)

Full source code included


  • Quest system
    - Easily generate your own quests in a matter of minutes
    - Include as many of your own objectives as you would like
    - Quickly handle issuing players quest rewards 
    - Set quests to require you to kill enemies, collect objects, visit locations and more

  • Shop system
    - Buy and sell items
    - Change shop stock with a matter of a few clicks
    - Easily change buy and resell values

  • Item system
    - Includes weapons, armour and consumables
    - Weapons can be set to one or two-handed
    - Set up unique items in minutes

  • Inventory system
    - Handles owned and equipped items
    - Automatically saves where items are equipped in your inventory

  • Dynamic action bar
    - Set up an action bar based on the size of your inventory
    - Quickly modify the size of the action bar
    - Edit keybinds to change how the action bar can be interacted with

  • Skills system
    - Issue experience rewards in skills for completing quests

  • Save and load system | Persistent world
    - Set up a persistent world easily
    - Objects can be set to respawn or permanently die
    - Edit respawn timers easily
    - Set objects to only spawn when a quest is obtained

Please contact my support email with any questions: samuel.e.crowley@gmail.com

Supports: Unity 2018.2 and higher
Releases: 1.0 | Current
File size: 194mb (Including the demo scene art)

External asset list

The following art assets are used in the demo scene. These do not belong to me, their respective download links are included below. It is recommended to replace them with your own art assets.

Reading the user guide and making use of the demo scene to learn how to set up projects with EZ RPG is strongly recommended


EZ RPG User Guide.docx 9 MB
EZ RPG User Guide.pdf 2 MB
EZ RPG.unitypackage 82 MB